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Extraordinary Seekers (Solders) of the Lord! (Part 1)


After I posted the prophetic word entitled, S.O.S. (“Soldiers of Salvation” or “Sold Out Saints,” ) I felt to follow up with what the Lord imparted to be in terms of a description of these “Soldiers” which He termed His “Extraordinary Seekers.”


Truly this is an extraordinary word- a word of instruction – a word of encouragement – a word of exhortation – a word of expectation – a word of direction – a word of to draw near. This is an end-time word for the end-time church.


I heard the Lord say, 

My son and My daughter,

do not settle for the mundane,

 the ordinary,


what is routine




 Watch yourself that you do

 not become entangled in the

distractions of the world which

pull you away from

continuously seeking Me.


For I wish to do a new thing

 in your life


to begin to

 bring a refreshing to your spirit

 which heretofore you have

not encountered or experienced.


If you desire to walk closely with Me

 then prepare to leave behind

 what is old and worn out


enter into


expects a newness,


a freshness

of which I want to place upon you.


If you want the supernatural,

 if you want to walk in the supernatural,

if you want to see the supernatural,

then ready yourself to receive it

 for it will come to

 you as you leave

 behind the things

 that pull you in

the opposite direction.


Do not seek the ordinary

but seek after

 the extraordinary.


For it is in the extraordinary things

 that you will find Me moving


speaking in these last days.


For I say to you,

that as darkness comes upon

this earth in extraordinary ways,

 My Light and Glory will come also

 in extraordinary ways calling many

 out of the darkness into the

  Light of the kingdom.


I further tell you that the darkness

 of the world which is coming

will not touch My anointed ones

 for they choose to walk continuously

in the Light of My presence.


They will not stumble or fall

 for their eyes will hear of the

 new things I will be doing

in the earth and in their midst.


They will awake from their

 slumber and sleep

 and say,


 “We have never seen anything

like this before. 

This is not the way we have always done it.

 Is this the Lord moving and calling?”


“How can this be the Lord for what

 is happening here is not just the

 ordinary but is very extraordinary


 different from the way we

 have done things?”


I say to you,

that many will choose

 to remain in the

 old ways,

old thinking,

old ideas,


will not enter into the coming moving

of My Spirit in your midst.


They have become satisfied with

their traditions and old ways


choose to walk their own path.


 The fire that once was in them


 marked them as extraordinary

 holy seekers after Me


 My kingdom with all

their hearts has gone out.


Where there was once a “hot burning”

flame of fire

 for Me like hot coals on a

fire has cooled


become only smoking coals.


Hear what the Lord says

 to you and take it to heart,

I am calling those who will walk

 in extraordinary ways with Me

in the final days before My Son



My anointed ones who will


 themselves from the unholy and profane,

are careful of what their eyes see,

able to discern what their ears hear,

able to guard what their mouth speaks,

watch where their feet walk,


willing to seek Me at all times hearing


doing the instructions

I will be giving them.


For I tell you My son and daughter,

these are the ones who please Me


 will be able to come into My presence,

who will touch My heart,

who will enjoy sweet fellowship with Me,

who will see visions in these last days,

who will dream My dreams,

and who will speak My word with

power and authority.

They will go forth as a holy people,

 as a extraordinary people

of the kingdom of God

 into a dark world

 filled with






They will be a people who will

 not fear or be timid for

they know I am

with them and have equipped them

with my power and authority

to be My witnesses

for My Son.


For those who have a

 “holy fire burning in their belly for Me”

 I am assigning protective angels

 to surround them while they perform

the new work I will be

calling them to do –

a supernatural work –

an extraordinary work

 imparted to them by Me.

They will not question



 about this work,

for they know it is from Me


they will be eager to walk

in this work



 it in the power of My Spirit.


They know they will have

to sacrifice


  be willing to turn from the many

things which bring pleasure



in order to do the work

I am calling them to do.


They will truly know



 the meaning of what

My Son said,


 “Deny himself,

 take up his cross


follow Me”

for this will be the

banner over them.


Yes, I tell you that these ones

 will be the

extraordinary bond-servants

 of the Lord whom have

 the anointing

to bring forth




miracles in abundance.


My son and My daughter,

Hear what the Spirit says

 to the churches,

 for surely the things I speak

will come to pass in

 My time


 by My out stretched arm,

 says the Lord.


Post Script:


A few days later I was reading in the book of Isaiah when I discovered this verse:


For the LORD will rise up as at Mount Perazim,

He will be stirred up as in the valley of Gibeon,

to do His task, His unusual task,


to work His work,

 His extraordinary work.

(Isaiah 28:21)

God allowed me to later read this verse as to confirm the word He gave me. Notice in the above verse – “… work His work, His extraordinary work.”


God is looking for extraordinary followers of Him to do His extraordinary work which heretofore I do not believe the American church is walking in.  The modern church walks in what the Lord said to me in this prophetic word in ordinary, mundane, routine, and convenient” religious things that have a form of godliness but possess no power and deny the power of the Lord as I paraphrase what Apostle Paul declared (2 Timothy 3:5).


This word should be a wake-up call to all churches that “business as usual” in the American church will not cut it.  The old will be done away with and the extraordinary new of the Lord will take place with extraordinary people bringing in the new wine of revelation and extraordinary things from the heavenly realm to usher end the harvesting of the unsaved and the coming of the Christ.  


 Rich Arnold

311 Adelaide Ave SW

Hartville, Ohio 44632



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