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Extraordinary Mantle of Love! (Part 4)

Updated: May 3

 My son and daughter,

I have placed a calling on your lives –

 a holy


 extraordinary calling which

is of

My hand



 will manifest in your lives as you

continue to seek Me in the ways

 I will be showing you

as you come into

My presence.


I know your passion


hunger for Me


 am well pleased

that you are

crying out for

 more and more of the things of

 My Kingdom.


I have brought you this far


you should know


realize that

I am placing on you

a holy


extraordinary calling

 which will manifest

 in the ways I am preparing

 you for this calling

 to come forth.


Be not anxious


attempt to bring this calling

 to pass in your own abilities


strengths for it is I

 who will birth in you


extraordinary calling

by placing anointing

of the Holy Spirit

 on and in you

 to accomplish the work

 I have for you which is a work

 not of your choosing

but a work I am

choosing for you.


Continue in the things

 I am presently putting

 in your heart


 opening your eyes to see


your ears to hear

 for the small things

 you are now doing for Me

will grow into

larger responsibilities

which will challenge

 your faith


 trust in Me to take

 you from

glory to glory.


I have chosen you

My son and daughter,

to birth a

mantle of love and compassion

 from which will emerge

 a mantle of ministry

for out of your

love for me


 the imparted love

I am giving you

 will flow the

 mantle of ministry.


All ministry

 for Me arises out of

divine love expressed


 demonstrated in your life


the giving of this love

 to those I am calling to

 receive this love from you.



 My love

 shared will foster

 My Light

to the hurting,






The anointing


 extravagant compassion

 I am placing on you

 will propel you into a

 greater understanding

knowing My

desires I have for you –

desires you have yet to realize

 in many ways.


I further say to you,

that you need not look

 for those to show

 My compassion to

for I will bring them to you


they will not be the

 ones you would choose to love

 for they will be the

 empty ones,

the challenging ones,

the difficult ones,

 the faithless ones,


the ones needing the infusion


My compassion

 birthed and matured

 in you to bring them

 to a new life in Me.


The Lord would continue to say….


As you walk with Me

 in this

Valley of Compassion,

you will find

My power

to carry you along to

to do the work of

 My Kingdom

 in the ways

 I will be showing you


 places I will be taking you to.



As your love

 will birth the

 light of the Gospel,

so shall the

light of the Gospel

 shine through you



power to overcome the

 many obstacles

and difficulties


will come your way.


My son and daughter,

 My last Word to you

is to:


(1)   Position yourselves in what I have spoken to you by entering in and walking in the Valley of Compassion toward those I bring to you.  It is in this Valley where your calling and the mantle of ministry will be birthed, developed, matured, sustained, and brought to fruition.


(2)  Expect the extraordinary things of My Kingdom to take place for I am a God of the extraordinary and the new things which I will bring to you.  I am not a God of the old but of the new and of the extraordinary things.



(3)  Prepare yourselves to continually listen to the Holy Spirt who will speak to you when you are awake and when you are asleep in dreams,  visions, and revelations I desire to place in your heart and mind.


The flow ended here.


Post word:


After I finished penning this Word the thought entered my mind and I recorded below:


Divine compassion or love

 is the fulcrum which brings

 ministry into balance




 pleases the heart of

the Lord and His Son.


I believe that one’s ministry

 can be diminished or accelerated

 in proportion to one’s love

 for the Lord and His Son

 as well as for others.


  All true and spiritual ministry

of the Kingdom of God

first flows out of

His love demonstrated


actively shown to others

 no matter

 how difficult it becomes

 to love the unlovable.


 Christ loves the unlovable


died for the ungodly (Romans 5:6) –

 should we be any different

 in the loving area?


Rich Arnold

311 Adelaide Ave SW

Hartville, Ohio 44632



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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 02

How extraordinary, just a few hours ago I spoke to the Holy Spirit, to Jesus, and my Heavenly Father, for my desire to begin a real work of prayer with then on my knees. That I would go back to my place of Prayer I started when I was a young boy. Then I only knew how to pray dozens of hail maries and al Fathers for the deaf dumb and the blind. I wait on my Heavenly Father the work he would have do I pray in Jesus name.

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