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Extraordinary Seekers (Soldiers) of the Lord! (Part 2)

The Lord continues to speak to me about the calling of extraordinary saints to do extraordinary work. They are the extraordinary seekers, the extraordinary saints, the extraordinary workers, the extraordinary soldiers willing to lay down their lives for the Kingdom of God.


This is the second prophetic word on this subject of the extraordinary.   The previous word I received I entitled “Extraordinary Seekers of the Lord” (Part 1).


This is a very instructive word with several themes running throughout the word.  This an end time word to the end time church.

I heard the Lord say,


I want to release out of the flock

those of extraordinary spirit

 to do extraordinary work

 in My kingdom.

Yea, I say, I will place on these

 extraordinary ones the

 Spirit of Wisdom


the Spirit of Discernment

to tell and foretell what is to come.


They will be a people of

 extraordinary faith




possess understanding

like My servant Daniel.


Their knowledge and understanding

will be above

the earthly knowledge


will reflect Me speaking

through them

to the many I am calling them

to seek out


speak words of power to.


They will speak the divine councils

 of heaven


draw and disciple

 many into the My kingdom


As soon as they come

 into your presence you will

 know who they are for the

 words they speak will pierce

 the hearts of those who hear


cause many to repent


draw close to Me.


I say to you,

hear them for truth comes

 from their mouth


 they walk in the secret places

 which I call them to walk in.



I declare to you these

are the extraordinary

men and women who are called

 to extraordinary servanthood –

yielding to Me with little regard

 for their own desires


willing to listen and obey

all they hear from Me.


The Lord, further says,

the time has come


 I will not delay any longer –

an anointed word of great import

is coming through

 the extraordinary ones

 who will boldly declare

to you what is to come.


The time is now -

prepare yourselves,

throw off those things

 which load you down


cause you to be unbelieving



 for I the Lord stand in your midst


call you through these

extraordinary ones

 moving by My Spirit

to come


surrender all of your heart to Me.


For I say to you when you come

 with all your heart,

you will see

the sick healed,

the broken-hearted mended,

the lost finding eternal life,

the seekers of Me finding Me,

the downtrodden,



depressed raised up,

the hungry fed spiritual things,


the blind seeing.


Do not doubt any longer for

 those things will come

quickly into your midst.


Hear that the Spirit says

 through these extraordinary workers


the extraordinary things of My hand

I am doing.

Rich Arnold

311 Adelaide Ave SW

Hartville, Ohio 44632


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