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Extraordinary Feasting on God by the Lovers of God in the Last Days! (Part 3)

The Living and Breathing Oracle of God! 

I continue to be just overwhelmed with the riches of God’s Word and how perfect and complete it is in every dimension.  It is one-hundred and eighty degrees opposite the kingdom of the world and all the world offers.                                                                                                                                                         

It is radical in that it goes to the root of human existence and provides a way for man to live in the grace and truth of His Creator by coming and yielding to the Christ of the Cross. It is more than a book. It is Life giving and is the Light shining in a world of darkness and rebellion.


 It is the living and breathing oracle of God to reveal the mind and will of God to fallen men and women who are in bondage to Satan and the systems of the world. It is His salvation message to the lost to find their way to God, to live for Him and to love Him and become a lover of Him.

The Golden Nuggets of God's Word!


    God’s word needs to be continually mined for the golden nuggets waiting to be discovered and applied by those serious “lovers” of Christ who want to move up higher and dwell with Him and be under the shelter of His wings.


 His word has to be primary and the foundation of all that I want to become in fulfilling His kingdom assignments. I have to be in His living oracle day and night so He can speak to me, and I can clearly hear what He is saying in these last days.


 No portion of Scripture is without meaning and application when revealed by the Holy Spirit for He reveals wisdom, guidance, and understanding of spiritual and secular things from God’s point of view.  He teaches me through the revelation of His word how to live, speak, act, and how to prepare myself for His coming.

The Pouring Out of the New Wine!

    God is a God of the new and not of the old.  He wishes to pour new wine into the radical or extraordinary saint of God everyday and desires such a person to keep his or her wineskin fresh to hold the new wine of His revelations. 


This is a time where the old, the traditions, the routines, the familiar, the same old same old will no longer work and be relevant to what the Holy Spirit desires to do in the “called out” New Testament church composed of extraordinary disciples of Christ.


Let us note what Isaiah and Christ said about the same old same old:


Because this people draw near

 with their words and honor Me

with their

lip service,

but they remove

 their hearts far from Me,


 their reverence for Me consists of

 tradition learned by rote.

(Isaiah 29:13)


Jesus said the same thing to the Pharisee’s and scribes:


Why do you yourselves transgress

 the commandment of God

for the sake of



(Matthew 15:3)


Neglecting the commandment of God,

you hold to the

 tradition of men.

You are experts at setting aside the

commandment of God in order

 to keep your tradition.

(Mark 7:8-9)


……thus invalidating the word of God


your tradition 

which you have

 handed down;


you do

many things such as that.”

(Mark 7:13)


As mentioned previously, one cannot mix the old with the new.  Christ further declared,


Nor do people put new wine


 old wineskins,

 otherwise the

wineskins burst,

 and the wine pours out and the

wineskins are ruined;

but they put new wine into


 wine skins,


 both are preserved.

(Matthew 9:17)

The extraordinary disciples will need new wineskins free from opinions, assumptions, arguing, indifference, unbelief, pride, arrogance, etc. The new wineskins will be stretched by the bubbling new wine of His thoughts and desires for me and others. But I must allow Him to stretch me to experience His expanding grace and truth in my life and the lives of others who also take on new wine skins full of new and bubbling wine.

The Applications of the Three Feasts!


      Thus, God is calling for extraordinary disciples or radical saints who hunger and thirst after Him to feast on Him in much greater ways.

Therefore, I believe it was divinely arranged by Him to start me on a new journey based on the study of three Feasts of Israel and applying them to my life in order to draw closer to Him and He to me while at the same time being open to His new and effervescent wine He wishes to pour into me.

I truly believe in these closing hours of this age that Christ saved the best wine till this time. The headwaiter at the wedding party said to Jesus:


 Every man serves the

good wine first,


when the people have drunk freely,

then he serves the

poorer wine;

but you have kept the good wine

until now.

(John 2:9-10)


It is the NOW time for the good wine to be poured out.  Jesus has kept it till this time right before the start of the Tribulation period and the coming of the anti-Christ.  So accepting this new wine and possessing an overview of the three Feasts of Israel are critical at this point in my journey with Him.


 Something tells me the more I understand, honor, and connect with these three Feasts historically, personally, spiritually, and practically, the greater will be His coming to me and revealing Himself in much greater ways.  Here is what I am hearing at this present moment from my beginning study of these Feasts.

The Feasting on God!


     First, a new feasting on the Triune God is what the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit desire.  I hear him right now say to me.....

Dispense with the old food,

for I have prepared a new and fresh

 course of meats, vegetables, and potatoes

for you to live on –

filled with the touch

of My cooking and seasoning.


 It is a new taste


a new pleasure

which I desire to put into your mouth


for you to chew on




 It will bring new life and understanding

 to those areas where the

old food

has become obsolete


to no effect.


 It will be a new course which will

 be pleasing to your taste


satisfying to your soul.


 My serving of this new course

 will not come all at once,


for I will give it to you in

 gradual increments

 as you dispose of the old and accept

 My new.”


 It is the new food



of My Word and Ways

I wish to place in you as you hunger

after Me

for the more you hunger

for me the greater will be


 imparting to you of the

new course

of spiritual foods I have for you.”

  Oh thank you Jesus for this word.  Based on this word, I believe that God is preparing a large, elaborate, and healthy meal or buffet for me and those who desire to chase after Him like the maiden in the Song of Solomon.


 It is meal of God’s favorite dishes of newly spiced and seasoned meats, potatoes, and vegetables to strengthen me and His people in the natural and the supernatural.  All of this is symbolic which refers to God's precious Word and HIs refreshing revelations from His Word.

The New Source of Spiritual Energy ad Vision!


The consuming of His new meals (His Word and His revelations of His Word and His Ways)) will open eyes to see and ears to hear the trumpet call of His voice to rise up and declare, “The Kingdom of God is here, repent, and come to Him before it is too late.” 


God’s people need a new source of spiritual energy and spiritual vision to complete God’s work in the earth at this midnight hour seconds before the close of this Age of Grace. The kingdom of God was brought among the Israelites as they implemented the various feasts God called them to observe especially the Feast of Passover, the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost), and the Feast of Tabernacles.  He came and dwelt among them because they observed these Feast and carried them out according to His design and plan. 


When they neglected these Feasts, then He withdrew from them – His glory departed.  Perhaps the church suffers from the lack of His presence today because it does not appropriate these feasts spiritually, experientially, and personally to the degree that pleases the Lord.


The Feast of Passover!


For me, the Feast of Passover represents a separation from the ways of the world and the pull of the world. It reminds me of His blood shed at Calvary. It is His sacrifice and shed blood that saved me and separates me from the world and His judgments.


  His judgment of the nations is coming and coming quickly.  America will not escape the transgressions committed against Him and His Holy Wit. I believe that judgment will come to those believers who mix with the world and toy with its ways.  Being solidly under the blood of Christ is more critical now than at any other time because of the declension of the nation, the backsliding of the church, and the winding down of the world.


 God is looking for those who do not blend and compromise with the standards of the world causing the blood of Christ to be nullified.  The Hebrews were told to place the blood on three areas of the entrance to their houses – to the top of the door or the lintel; to the right-side door post; and to left side door post

   To neglect one of these areas would not prevent the destroyer coming into their houses to smite them (Exodus 12:23). They had to do exactly what God commanded. 


There was no room for one’s opinion or discussion regarding what the Lord was commanding or what He commands of us today. When God speaks, it is best for us to obey and do what He says.  He expects us to be hearers of the Word and be doers of the Word (James 1:22).


I must take this spiritual principle of applying continually the blood of the Savior to the top of the door lintel (my mind which represents thinking and my mouth which represent speaking) and to the right and left door posts (my right and left hand which represent spiritual work He gives to me and my right and left ear which represent the hearing and doing of His Word) to maintain a holy separation from the cultural elements which would attempt to compromise me away from the Master.

  It is the blood of Christ and His finished work on the cross applied daily to my life that causes the separation for without the application of the blood I can re-enter the world and become like the world while at the same time losing the effects of being under the blood – healing, deliverance, revelation, prayers not answered, and even loss of salvation. God said,

“Therefore, come out from their

midst and be separate,”

says the Lord.

And do not touch what is unclean;

And I will welcome you.”

(2 Corinthians 6:17)


I want to continually be welcomed by the Lord because of being under His Son’s blood and walking in truth and righteousness as well as being separated from the world and the effects it can have on me.

The Feast of Pentecost!

A new and greater experience of the Pentecostal power of the Lord is coming.  I believe as the Lord welcomes those who take a giant step into a greater faith of feasting on Him and His new course of food, and a holy separation unto Him and His kingdom in these last days, He is going to release a new end-time individual and corporate Feast of Pentecost which has never been witnessed by the church.


 If I heard the Lord right in the word He spoke above concerning a new course of spiritual food and drink which strengthens the believer, then perhaps that new course will be a renewal and restoration of the Feast of Pentecost with regular signs, wonders, miracles, and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit occurring daily in the lives of those who pursue Him with abandonment and dispatch to bring His kingdom not only with Word but with a new “fire anointing.” 


The original Pentecost came to bring a new liberty and freedom from the Old Covenant bondages of ceremonialism of the Law and man’s traditions. 

The new last day Pentecost is coming to call the “few of the few” to serve Christ in newness of life and anointing, to walk and talk the miracles of Christ, to gather in final harvest of the earth, to see the glory of the Lord transform people’s lives instantly, and to usher in the kingdom of God with Christ reigning on the throne in earthly Jerusalem.


  Is this new Pentecost the coming of the new course of serving the supernatural meat, potatoes, and vegetables by the Lord to the remnant church He is calling out of the hybrid institutions which call themselves a church but are spiritually dead but alive in self-serving and soulish ways causing the Holy Spirit to have departed?  Will this be the new and last Pentecost before His return for His bride?  Will this be the final gathering of His people to ready them for His coming? Let us note in the Old Testament, when the feast of Pentecost was celebrated, there were two loaves offered on the day of Pentecost. 


There were two birds used in the sacrifice and cleansing of the leper.  There were two trumpets of silver used in the various callings of the camp of Israel. There were two tablets of stone which had the Ten Commandments written on them by the Finger of God.  And, there were two goats used in the great Day of Atonement ceremonies. 


Could it be that this duality of offerings and objects symbolically represent the first outpouring on the day of Pentecost in the New Testament, and the second outpouring of a new and more powerful Pentecost which may be just around the corner prior to the rapture of the true Church of Christ and the coming Tribulation period?


Again, if I heard the Lord right, He said,


“……it is the new food and drink

I wish to place in you as you hunger

after Me for the more you hunger

for me the greater will be My imparting

to you of the new course of

 spiritual foods I have for you.”


 If He has this new Pentecost for me, does He have this for others who also desire Him more than eating and drinking and who want to enter a new and higher level with Him to close out this age in victory?  Is this for the corporate body of “radical lovers” of Him?  I believe it is for the “called out” ones - the extraordinary ones - the radical ones - who desire Him more than anything else in their lives.

The two loaves of bread offered up to the Lord on the original day of Pentecost in the Old Testament were loaves of fine flour which were submitted to grinding and crushing to become fine flour.  And then to eat it, it had to be baked by fire to intensify the unity of the loose fine flour.


 Kevin Conner, in His book, “The Feasts of Israel,” states that fine flour speaks of the trials, testing's, temptations, and sufferings of the believer in order to become the bread of God….. (p. 39).


 In order for Christ to become the Bread of God, He had to endure the grindings, crushing's, and sufferings of the Cross.


  Christ said, “Many are called but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14). I believe that the few of the few chosen to enter the new Pentecost will be those who will undergo extreme afflictions, sufferings, testing's, and will endure and come forth with the glory of the Lord over them and in them to such an extent their personal presence will immediately manifest the power of God resulting in salvations and deliverances unlike anything we have seen.


But out of such fire there will come a new unity of purpose and serving in the Lord’s army.  But the price to pay for such a walk with the Christ in these last times will mean paying a heavy cost which few will want to pay.  Lord Jesus, “I pray I will be one of the few of the few ready to give my life for You and the kingdom of Your Father.” 

The Feast of Tabernacles 

A new and intimate relationship and union the Lord is bringing to the few of the few.  God desires the few of the few to enter into a greater understanding and application of the Feast of the Passover (separation), and the Feast of the New Pentecost (greater supernatural power), and the Feast of Tabernacles (intimate relationship with the Master).


One cannot enter the Feast of Tabernacles (an intimate relationship with the Lord) without first experiencing the Feast of Passover and the Feast of Pentecost. Conner makes this astute observation: 


Every time a sinner receives Christ as his own Savior, he experiences Passover.  It is not that the historical Passover is repeated again, but the historical fact and truth becomes experiential truth. 


The same is true of Pentecost.  Pentecost is an historical fact and truth, never to be repeated as such again.  However, every time a believer receives the Holy Spirit baptism there is an experiential Pentecost. (p. 42)


Yes, the original Pentecost can never be repeated again, but a new Pentecost in the lives of radical believers of the true Church of Christ can be experienced by the fresh outpouring of His Spirit.


When it comes to this third important Feast, the Feast of Tabernacles, I believe that the Spirit of Christ desires to Tabernacle or dwell in me and others in a new, dynamic, and revealing way bringing us into a union with Christ which we have never known before but one we have been asking and praying for.


However, I believe many will miss it and choose to remain in the old things while the radical or extraordinary ones of Christ will move on up the road and find a new direction and destination in Him.

The tabernacle of old was where God came to dwell with His people.  When Christ died on the cross and was resurrected, He sent the Holy Spirit fifty days later to dwell in the believer.


  Now, the Trinity dwells or tabernacles in each born-again person. They come and share their divine intimate love which exists among Them with the believer.  They come to embrace and share Their presence.


Yet, I believe that the fullness of this tabernacle of the Trinity has yet to be released and awaits this decision by the few of the few radical believers to be wholly separated from the world so the encountering of the new outpouring of the Holy Spirit can be experienced and brought to other brothers and sisters and to the lost and dying world in great a measure . 


But to maintain the separation and the outpouring I need a continuing and greater intimacy with Him as the “Lover of my soul” where all I desire is His manifest presence. There is no room for anything else - only Christ - Christ who went to the cross - Christ who bled for me on the cross - Christ who died on the cross - Christ who was buried in the tomb - Christ who was resurrected out of the tomb - Christ who sits on His throne in heaven - and Christ who is coming back to planet earth to rule and reign over all nations of the earth. And let us be remined what Christ said seven times in the book of Revelation...."I am coming, I am coming quickly."



Thus, the “Lovers” (Godhead) of our souls are calling for a separation and consecration of our ministries unto Him which He is sounding heavenly trumpets to get prepared and draw close to Him where we can say, “His banner over me is love.” 

     Let us beware that extraordinary love for the Master awakens Him to come and give chase

 as we also chase Him, find Him, embrace Him, and not let go of Him no matter what the cost.

     As mentioned previously, those who have the revelation to chase after the Master with all their hearts will be the “few of the few” out of the many that Christ calls to Himself. Christ said,

“Many are called, but few are chosen.” 

(Matthew 24:14)

     I believe that the Holy Spirit showed me that it will be the “few of the few” who will respond to the Lover’s invitation to come and forsake all for Him and His kingdom.

     This word “chosen” used by Christ means the “best of its kind or class, excellence preeminent.” That will be the characteristic of the “few of the few” – those most dear to the Christ who have proved themselves to be preeminent in excellence in obedience, loyalty, denial of self, and

walking the cross life. In short, the extraordinary ones - the extraordinary "lovers" of the Master.

     Oh, brother and sister, I hope the ones who read this oracle will be part of this “few. of the few.” Let us pursue Him with everything we have to prove to Him that we desire Him more than eating, drinking, and breathing.

Allow me to leave you with this:




Brother and sister, it is time to pursue

in much greater ways the


 of our souls before we can expect

 the lover to come and bring

in a new Pentecost in these last days

 to finish His spiritual work. 




has to be on the

“Lover” (Christ)


not on the things of the “Lover.”


The focus has to be on

chasing the “Lover”


coming into a higher union

 with Him which we have

 not heretofore experienced. 

 “Can’t you hear Him calling?”


  God is calling the remnant out of being

 “lovers of self” to

“lovers of God.” 

 He is looking for

“remnant lovers,” 



Come up here.”

 Then they went up into heaven in the cloud.” 

 (Revelation 11:12)


He is beckoning to come up into

 His chambers 


feast on Him like

 we never have before. 


 I believe the trumpet call of the


 will sound loudly in

 these closing days of this age. 


The Master will be visiting the churches

 looking for

His “lovers”



to them a new


powerful Pentecost

along with His manifest presence.



So be it, Lord Jesus!


Rich Arnold

311 Adelaide Ave. S.W.

Hartville, Ohio 44632



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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 26

What a fascinating share on the chosen.

Over the past five years I have been looking for peoples words who reflect Christ, also our Heavenly Father's wird, and then have the eyes to see through the Holy Spirit.

So much of what have said, takes me through Isaiah 65 fist few versus as if spoken today.

Infact in have finished reading Jeremiah, and just finished Isaiah. In some place I cry in bewilderment on long my Heavenly Father has been searching for his people to pull up and take notice.His words sound like today.

But what about the elect, do they not start their work until after we are taken up.

I thought the elect are from the 12 tribes.

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