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Extraordinary Anointing! (Part 5)


Look around My people,


What do you see?

What do you hear?

What do you expect to see?

What do you expect to hear?


Do you expect the Light

 to overcome the darkness?

Do you expect the Truth to triumph

 over what is untrue or false?

The Lord says,


Do let not let what you see shape


form your expectations?


Do not let what you hear misdirect

 your path in what I am calling

you to –

a walk of purity,

a standing in righteousness,


a separation from that which

does not honor Me.


Be careful of what your eyes see


what your ears hear

for many do not

perceive the evils of the day

nor do they

distinguish with their ears

what is of Me


 what is of the world.


Listen to what the Holy Spirit says

 in these critical times for surely

 as you walk with Me


will see the Light

 overtake the



 what you hear

from My word will strengthen your

 spirit and mind to possess

new  insight


new understanding of

things now and things to come.


You are living in an extraordinary time –

a time unlike any other time –

a time of great tension and anxiety –

a time of confusion and questioning –

and a

time of great rebellion


 darkness which

 has come upon the earth.


It is a time of calling out of the

ordinary into the

extraordinary things I desire to do –

an extraordinary work –

an extraordinary task –

an extraordinary anointing.


It is the “Daniel Anointing”

on the young generation.

 I am bringing–

an anointing of



a discernment of the times,  

a walk of holiness,


a knowing of the

mysteries of My kingdom.


I am raising up a new generation of youth

who will not back-peddle

in their walk with Me


will seek Me at all times

with no other passion but

to hear from My mouth

the direction I want them to go


the extraordinary work

 I have for them to complete.


The Lord further says,


The present generation of My people

 I am also calling to leave

 the things which consume their time


  rob them of their devotion


 love for Me.


Therefore, I say to you,

intensify your relationship

with Me for when you do

you will see


hear more clearly

 what the Spirit says


you will know your call


how to speak


 do the extraordinary things

of My Spirit in these last days.

You come to Me and ask,


“Lord what do you want of Me?”

“Lord how can I serve you?”

“Lord, how can I come up higher in You?”


But I would say to you,


There is an extraordinary anointing

 coming upon those who will

 walk in true faith and sacrificing obedience

to My Word


My call

upon their lives


 leave behind all the

distractions and passions

for the world which draw

 their hearts away from Me.


Take to heart the Word I speak

 to you for in it you will find

the Call to the Extraordinary Things

I wish to have you

 do and complete for Me.

God bless,


Rich Arnold

311 Adelaide Ave SE

Hartville, Ohio 44632







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