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Extraordinary Candlesticks in the Midst of Darkness! (Part 6)

God is calling the last day remnant church to hear the “now” prophetic word for without the prophetic word the churches languish under their own thinking and doing which contributes little to the coming kingdom of God (See 1 Corinthians 12-14). The church needs all the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in operation in these last days to overcome the evil permeating the nations of the world.


The church is being called to become a greater candlestick - a larger candlestick – a vocal candlestick - a holy and a consecrated candlestick – an extraordinary candlestick which will allow the Light - the (revelation from the throne of God to do the work of God in the midst of immense darkness coming upon the communities, cities, the nation of America, and the world.


When the Light of Christ comes forth in huge ways through “sold-out” and “extraordinary disciples” of Christ, God’s grace is manifested, and darkness goes into retreat. With darkness in retreat, His Light goes forth and His Grace appears bringing salvation to all men (Titus 2:11).


But allow me say for the above to happen, there will be a high cost to pay by individuals and churches for the world hates Christ and the true church and will attack and attempt to mock, ridicule, despise, and accuse any church who is allowing the Light of Christ to touch the darkness of the society surrounding it and pulling it into spiritual bondage .


The church is not called to get along with the culture it is in, but to call (share, preach, testify, and speak against evil in the anointing and power of the moving of the Holy Spirit.  Its mission is to call the culture or society to repentance and to accept the Christ of the Cross. It will suffer greatly if it follows the commands of Christ as did in the book of Acts under the leadership of the Apostles and Prophets..

With the above said, this prophetic word came during a church service not long ago.


I hear the Lord say,


This is the Word

 I would speak to you

in the midst of darkness

which surrounds you for you

are not called to walk

 in the darkness

but to let

 the Light you possess

burn brightly.


I Am the Light of the candle


you are

 My candlesticks

for without Me you have

no Light


without Me

the darkness

will overcome you.


A candle without Light is a

candle overcome

 by darkness




But listen carefully -

it is the winds of darkness

 which are coming

 against you


such winds are growing

 in intensity



challenging you to stand

 strong in faith



by allowing Me,

the Light in you,

 to shine forth.


I Am the Light


 I will

 pierce the darkness

 as you speak the things

 I will impart to you

in the coming days.


The things you will


are not of you


are they

“old things”


 “old ways”

but are

 “new things”


“new ways”

I will impart to those who

will listen


heed what they

hear from Me.


As you speak these

things of Light to a

 world filled with


your heart and mouth

 will be set on fire

by the

power of Holy Spirit


 you will say,



 I have never

experienced anything

 like this in my life. 



touching my heart

is too wonderful for me


I am

overflowing with

 love for you

 in a way

 I have never come

 to experience before.”


For as I have said

in My word,

 it is what is in

the heart

which makes

 the mouth



 if your heart is

 on fire



of my kingdom,

the darkness

will be dispelled


evil will take flight. 

But know this,

victory will not come

without a fight

for your battles

 will be against the

 kingdom of the world

 which has filled up its cup

 with iniquity




This is not a day to

 be silent


retreat from the






is all around you

causing many to

walk in

fear and unbelief.


O’ My friends,

the hour of My return

is closer than you

think but many

are not expecting

My return


 are not allowing Me

to brightly burn

within and without.


When I come,

what will find?

Will I find My candles

 burning brightly


 will I find my candles

 with wicks “burned-out”


the wax cold and hard?


Hear what the Spirit

is saying

to you


do not let

the darkness

overtake you

for you are called

to go


 speak My Light

into the darkness

for I am the

 Light which

lights your way


brings you into

a divine righteousness

 which brings glory to Me.


Rich Arnold

Servant of Christ

311 Adelaide Ave SE

Hartville, Ohio 44632








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