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What's Really Behind Black Lives Matter and How Does It Correlate with Israel and End Times Events?

What is really behind Black Lives Matter and how does it correlate with Israel and End Times Events?

While most Americans are focused on coronavirus, soaring unemployment and race riots, Israel is about to make a risky decision by annexing parts of the West Bank.

Their decision may be the most important prophetic moment in Israel’s history since winning the Six Day War in 1967! As early as July 1, 2020, Israel’s government is considering holding a vote to “annex” — or take control of approximately 30% of the disputed territory in the so-called “West Bank.” Their bombshell announcement may also be the issue behind Black Lives Matter’s world-wide, race riots indicating Satan is furious over Israel’s land grab and has released his hordes against Trump and America for standing behind the Jewish state. Click play on the YouTube video to hear some profound facts to consider.

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