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I received this prophetic word in September 2019 and felt the Lord was leading me to post it. Here is the word.

I looked at my clock and it was 3:30 am when the Lord awakened me and put these letters in my mind – S.O.S. and immediately the interpretation of these letters came to me and I began to record what He was speaking to me.


S.  =  “Sold

O.  =   Out

S.  =   Saints” 



S.  = “Soldiers

O =  of

S.  =  Salvation”


Thus, “Sold Out Saints” and “Soldiers of Salvation.” I had never heard of these expressions and was rather taken back why the Lord was putting these expressions in my mind.


I immediately went to my office and begin to write down the prophetic word He was given me. 


My son,

I have awakened

you in the

 middle of the night

to give you this message

 that Christ is calling

 in this critical hour to

 “Sold-Out Saints

 who are


“Soldiers of Salvation.”

I am beginning

 to gather My Army

together of those who

have given Me

 their whole hearts


will hold back nothing

 in the last day call

 I am placing on their

 lives for I am

 preparing them



 them to go

 into the spiritual


earthly battles

 of a

 great magnitude

 to halt the evils

which are enveloping

 your land


 the nations of the world.


I am placing a

critical call on the hearts

 of the “sold out saints”

 to awaken


expect to hear

 My instructions


 see with their eyes

the things I will be doing

as they march

 into the

 fierce battles

 for the souls

 of men and women

who are under the

spirits of darkness


whose eyes have been

 blinded to

 My Truth


their ears filled

 with lies




This is a

 critical hour

 you are living in

 for all over the world

you are observing

the enemy of yours is

 accelerating his evil


preparing the nations

for war which will envelop

the entire world.



My message

 to My “sold out saints

is not to fear


be dismayed in what

you hear and observe

 for as the

Army of darkness

 is arising

 My Army of Light

 who are


“Soldiers of Salvation”

will march

into the darkness


snatch away the many

caught in the



My “Sold Out” saints

 who are

 My “Soldiers of Salvation”

will be given heaven’s




in great measure

 to carry out

My instructions

for bringing

in the souls

 I have prepared to hear

 My message


see My power

 for hearts and minds

 will suddenly turn


 will see the



 become free of

 the darkness

 surrounding them for

 My Truth

will set free

 the captives of evil.


My son,

it is not accident

 that you have been


from your sleep

 to arise and scribe

 what I am giving you.


What you are now

experiencing in the speaking

 of My Words to those

I am bringing to you

 I am placing the same

anointing on them

as they cry out to Me


“Sold Out Soldiers”

for taking My Kingdom

 to those perishing in these

 last days of darkness

which is filling the earth

 but which will

not overcome

My Light in


 “Soldier of Salvation.”


The Lord says

 it by My Spirit which will

 overcome the things

 which come


My Army


carefully listen

 to Him.


          God is warning us, and we should take note.  Apostle Paul even noted:



 this, that in the

last days

 will come

 (set in)

 perilous times of great stress



[hard to deal with and hard to bear]. 

2 Timothy 3:1 (AMP)


       Let me add a quote from Rick Joyner:


The Lord will again stand up and calm the roaring sea (Psalm 65:5, 7) with His Word.  The Lord came to destroy the works of the devil, and He has sent us with this same purpose.  We are not here to stand and watch, but

 to stand against the darkness, and to push it back.


Those the Lord sends to stand against the darkness of this end time and to push back the powers of darkness are the “Sold Out Saints” and the “Soldiers of Salvation.”  May it be, O’ Lord.


   Rich Arnold

Servant of the Lord

311 Adelaide Ave

Hartville, Ohio











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