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The Golden Chariot!

Updated: Jun 8


I just finished two hours of Bible study and prayer and went to bed at 11:45 pm.  I went to sleep and then heard the Lord say, “You need to get up and come and seek me.”


I looked at the clock and it was 12:30 am.  I got dressed to go and walk in the community and pray when suddenly I felt my soul and spirit cry out to the Lord, “Oh, Savior of my soul, how I long for thee to come and pull me close to thy loving breast of security.”  This was plain as day.


I knew between the yearning of my soul and spirit for Him and His midnight call, He was saying something to me.  So, I rushed back upstairs to my office and wrote this prophetic poem as He downloaded it to me. After I wrote the poem, I left the house and sought Him till 2:30 am walking in the community and praying for souls. Let me also say that this is a poetic vision.


Oh, Savior of my soul,

how I long for Thee to come


pull me close to thy loving breast

of security.


I long in the shadows

of the moonlit nights

of earthly walks

to come and hear

Your sweet talk.


As I gaze upon Your face,

Your eyes pierce my

inner life -

searching and refreshing

my present plight.

Your words of heavenly

delight are like birds taking flight –

 with wings flapping in the wind

 your words lift

again and again.


Oh, my soul doth

hardly bear

the weight of thy divine

words so wise and fair.


I cling to each expression

from Your lips,


My Savior speaks

 with eternal bliss.


My soul within rises

to receive His invite

to walk with Him



His blessing and delight.


But, oh,

what a surprise,

when His golden chariot

of precious

 stones arrive.


His voice so majestic

and replete,

for He says,

 this ride is for you


my heart just skips a


With four white stallions

 in front,


I beside the Savior

 so strong,

off we went to visit

 the heavenly throng.


Upon the heavenly

streets of gold,

the chariot



I saw

 the redeemed of old.

The white stallions were



the saints of old

 were waving



“To Him be the glory



for His story will

 forever be told.


With motion from

His mighty hand,


chariot did expand.


And lo,

I look to see

for the redeemed saints

 of old and new

were riding with me.


Off we went

with eternal joy and glee,

for my soul was felt

so free.


From the streets

of gold in heavenly


 we flew to

 His house at a

steady pace.


Arriving in a moment

of time,

 we sat down to dine.

Joy unspeakable

 was present

in all

as we ate


were continually

 filled with awe.



Savior of my soul,

in the darkest of nights

You call to me

to come


 dine with thee.


To thee I lift

My hands,



Christ is Lord,

for who knows

what else he has

in store for me.

The flow ended here.

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