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Extraordinary Spiritual Warfare for Those on the Front Lines!

The Spiritual War and Those on the Front Lines!

          This is the last part of the “Extraordinary Prophetic Words posted on this website.  This word addresses those on the front lines of the tremendous spiritual battles taking place in our nation and in the world. 

          It is a spiritual war of great magnitude which I believe is a prelude to the coming great Seven Year Tribulation period as described in the Book of Revelation chapters 4-19. 

 I do not have to tell you the battles we all face are not against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers and rulers in heavenly places who have the mission from Satan to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10).

       If you are not already engaged in these battles, you will soon be for the the devil is bringing his war against all of us in great measures in an attempt to bring us down, to discredit our testimony, and to destroy us in any way he can for His time grows short.  Christ is coming more quickly than we realize! Are you ready for His coming?


          There will be those of us who will retreat from these battles and become AWOL soldiers of Christ.  But there will be those of us who will accept the higher calling of entering this tremendous spiritual warfare of deadly battles for the souls of the unredeemed, our families, our communities, our states, and our nation.


          But be encouraged for the Lord will walk with us in every step as we proclaim and take a stand for the Gospel of Christ against the evil darkness which is daily engulfing our families, schools, government, national leadership, courts, etc.


 For those who will be on the front lines, in the trenches so to speak, will be the "extraordinary ones” who God will mobilize and use in the last of the last days of this age to “fight the good fight of faith” (1st Timothy 6:12).


God is now preparing those of an “extraordinary spirit” for their battle assignments and the role they will be called to perform for the King (Jesus) and His Kingdom.


With His assignments will come His imparted power, wisdom, strength, insight, faith, knowledge, discernment, and warfare strategies to take down the enemy. 


I encourage you to decree and declare His impartation of these things for I repeat, our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against wicked powers and principalities lurking over our homes, our leaders, and our nation (Read Ephesians Chapter 6).


The Extraordinary Spirt of Daniel!

Allow me to say that the hand of the Lord is on the “extraordinary ones” as it was upon Daniel in Chapter 10 of the Book Daniel.


 As Daniel prayed the forces of evil came against him and it took Daniel 21 days of prayer for Michael, an archangel, the “great captain” and the leader of the heavenly host to fight the prince of the kingdom of Persia to get through to Daniel.


When Michael got through he spoke to Daniel in vision these selected words I have chosen to give you:  

“O’ Daniel, man of high esteem…..stand upright….”

(Daniel stood up trembling)….

“I have come to give you an understanding……

do not be afraid….

peace be with you……”

take courage and be courageous….”


Daniel received supernatural strength for He said to Michael… 

”May my Lord speak, for you have strengthened me.”


The Unseen Forces and the Extraordinary Ones!”


There are unseen forces (God’s angels) surrounding God’s “extraordinary” men and women who are interceding 24/7 for America and  Israel.


  Believe me, my brother and sister, these angelic beings are all around the “extraordinary ones” who are protecting and leading them to do God’s Word and Will in the spiritual warfare they are entering.


The “extraordinary ones” who choose to accept His high calling of engaging in these last-day spiritual battles will quickly realize that such a calling will not be a “walk in the park” but one requiring great faith, great testing, great humility, great sacrifice, and great discernment as was required of Daniel. 

To those of us who accept this “extraordinary” calling and who choose to stand upright and be used by the Lord to bring His Light and Truth and salvation message into a nation who has chosen to abandon the Lord and His Word of Life (The Bible) will no doubt suffer persecution, ridicule, false accusations, possible loss of job or income, and even face death for the cause of Christ. 


Remember, Daniel was put in the lion’s den for his stand against the wickedness of his time. But as he called on the Lord, he was delivered by the hand of God. It will be no different during our time in this 21st century. God has the back of those on the "front lines" of spiritual warfare.


The Prophetic Prayer!


Here is a poetic prayer which I felt the moving of the Holy Spirt began to have me pray as I finished writing this oracle.  It concerns the calling of “extraordinary” men and women to rise-up, dress up in God’s armor (See Ephesians chapter 6), and go and battle the “old foe” – “the Serpent” – the Devil - and declare victory in Christ Name.

O’ God,

 raise up such

 men and women


 to show the way.


Men and women who

know their calling


destiny with

utmost clarity.

Men and women

of Your grace

who have seen


 Savior’s face.


Men and women

of purity and faith

who know their

spiritual place.

Men and women

 of courage



who will not give up




Men and women

who will

 not fear

when Satan


 his demons

 come near.


Men and women

willing to soar


 the heat of battle

becomes a

full-fledged war.

 Men and women

of sacrifice



who will



spiritual gifts



Men and women

 of humility

 who dwell








of heart praise

 who know

 the Lord


intimate ways.

Men and women

who will


the Savior’s Cross


 run to the weak





These will be


extraordinary ones –


extraordinary doers of the Word –


extraordinary worshippers of the Trinity -


extraordinary lovers of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit –



extraordinary saints who will battle the demons of hell


have the final victory

 in the Name of Christ.

Are you ready!


          Are your ready my brother and sister?  Will you accept the call to step out of “ordinary” Christianity and enter into this “extraordinary” call to become an “extraordinary” soldier of Christ willing to engage in the “extraordinary” battles raging over our families and nation?  Are you willing to pick up the mantle of Daniel and even David who fought and slew Goliath and accept what the Lord told Daniel:


“O’ Daniel, man of high esteem…..stand upright….”

(Daniel stood up trembling)….


I have come to give you an understanding……do not be afraid….peace be with you……take courage and be courageous….”


And Daniel said:

”May my Lord speak,

 for you have strengthened me.”


It is my hope that the Holy Spirit has moved upon you while you were reading this oracle. Jesus said to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation:

He who can


let him






 the Spirit

says to the



Revelation 3:13 (AMP)



 may I and those you are asking me to send this oracle to be able to have ears to hear, listen, and heed what the Holy Spirit will say to them in the closing days of this age.


Grant us the courage, faith, and obedience to do your perfect Will and Word as we look to you to lead and guide us.


Grant to us the fullness of the Holy Spirit,

empower us with supernatural knowing


doing to carry out our last day assignments

 which include warring against Satan


the powers of darkness.


In Jesus Name, Amen, and Amen.


Rich Arnold

Servant of the Lord

311 Adelaide Ave SW

Hartville, Ohio 44632


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