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Extraordinary Darkness: Return to My Light and Love! (Part 7)

Updated: May 17

Extraordinary Darkness:

Return to My Light and Love! (Part 7)


I received this prophetic word in the same church on a later date that I received the Candlestick word (Part 6 Post) which was posted last week. There are some similarities between the former word and this word. For instance in the former word He said…..


… not let

the darkness

overtake you

for you are called to go


 speak My Light

into the darkness…..


In this current word the Lord is concerned about His followers loving the deceptive darkness more than His Light.  They can get caught up in darkness and pull away from His Light and Love.


Therefore, this word is a prophetic word to the Body of Christ.  It is a warning from the Lord about the pull of the darkness of the world on last day Christians as well as Satan using his darkness to disrupt the fellowship disciples have with the Lord and with each other. Satan wishes to cause disunity, division, and demoralization in the Body of Christ.


This word also instructs and encourages.  The Lord loves His people and is calling them to walk in His Light and be His candlestick full of His Light as noted in the prior prophetic word.  His Light and Love shining out of His people breaks the back of the powers of darkness. Here is the word I received.


are many living

in the darkness

of the world


have come to love the


more than the Light

 which I have shown them.


The darkness

has even surrounded


led many away

 from the revelation Light

I have made known

to them through

My Word


My Messengers

 I have sent to them.


This darkness

comes from the enemy

of My people who steals

 from them the

 good things


the many blessings

I have shown


given to them.


The Lord further says,


Your enemy is a thief


is attempting to plunder

My Church

by drawing My people

into His darkness  


away from

 My Word


My Ways.



 I want My people

 to know that I have


your enemy.


I have




 His darkness

by My Light

for I am the

Light of the world


 have overcome

the darkness



 which he brings

 to My people.


I Am

calling many of

My people

 who have been captured

by this darkness

of the world

to return to

My Light


My Love

I have for them.


I say to them,

“Return to what

 I have first shown you


when your heart was constantly

 seeking me

for you were

“hungry and thirsty”

to know Me


walk with Me.


 When you return to Me

the darkness

 you are fighting

in your own strength

 will be lifted from you


 it will flee away.


Do not delay any longer,

for your enemy is




his darkness is increasing

upon those who

are walking not in the


 I have given them


have chosen a

different path

which is not of

my choosing.


I am calling you out

of this darkness


will make known to you

the Light of My Word

which will lift you up


out of

the discontentment,



directionless life

 you are now living

because of the

subtle and deceptive

thoughts and ways

 he has placed

in your mind.


My son and My daughter,

I stand with My hand


 to you to come to

My Light

which is shining brightly

 for you.


 But you must turn away

from the pull of the darkness

of the world


return to the

Light of My Kingdom.


And when you return,

then once again,

I will place My glory upon



you will walk

hand in hand with Me


I with you for I have

many things

 to tell you and things

for you to complete in Me

for the hour is late


My coming is imminent.


The flow ended here.



Rich Arnold

Servant of the Lord

311 Adelaide Ave SW

Hartville, Ohio 44632


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